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Let the Clambake catering team make your Boston clambake party an event all of your guests will remember.

Nothing says New England quite like the sweet smell of hard shell Maine lobsters, locally dug Ipswich clams and mussels steaming to perfection. Add homemade side dishes and buttermilk biscuit strawberry shortcakes to round out the menu. Our New England clambake catering services have two separate service packages. All menus include our streamlined Full Service. Upgrade to our Premium Service and your guests will be welcomed by an interactive “Cape Cod Lobster Skiff Buffet” where they will be served out of a rowing boat decked out with fishing rods, nets, buoys, fresh seaweed, and seashells. Lobsters will be cracked for you as you stand by watching (and dodging the spray).  Guest tables will have metal shuck buckets, rolls of paper towels, lobster crackers, and seashells for decoration.

Step 1: Choose a menu from Our Clambakes
Step 2: Call us to reserve your date
Step 3: Sit back, relax and enjoy your own Taste of Summer